Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last Chance Clear Out!

Wow! It was a beautiful week! The kids and I had the entire week off for spring break, while Zeke had a measely 4 day weekend. We spent the day today clearing sticks and such in order to get ready for our retention basin and basement. We are hoping to have the retention basin started within the next 1 to 2 weeks, weather permitting. Here is what I learned today in the woods...

1. Stick detail is my least favorite job ever.
2. Pricker bushes are not my friend.
3. If you are wearing work gloves and you grab a pricker bush, the work gloves do NOT protect your hand. I now know this from experience. Ouch.

Pappy (Zeke's father) took the kids fishing. I loved this comment from him... "Paul has a unique fishing technique. He casts his lure, puts his fishing pole down and proceeds to run up and down the bank, throwing sticks and rocks into the water to scare the fish out to his bait." Paul did not catch anything. Abby caught a sunfish.

I am posting a few pictures that I took today. I am hoping that the next time I post pictures it will be of a retention basin.

This photo is of the creek across the street from our property.

Zeke built a gate at the bottom of our driveway out of cedar posts.

The foreground of this photo shows where the retention basin will be.



  1. Best wishes with your new venture/adventure. Don't step on too many fiddleheads.
    Harry A

  2. What's a fiddlehead? I don't think I like them and I don't even know what they are!