Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Calling In The Subs...

Upstairs... In this picture you can see (from Paul's bedroom) into the bathroom and in the background the kids loft area and then into Abigail's room.

The kitchen/dining room. Look at all the windows!

In the foreground is the retention basin, then the house and wood shed.

This picture is taken from inside the living room. The woodstove will be in front of the steps. The kitchen/dining room is to the right. Mine and Zeke's bedroom is behind the steps, as well as the down stairs bathroom.

Zeke with the siding we have stained. The color of the wood is a little more red then we expected.

I have been busy staining the siding for the house. The color we chose is 'Abbey Brown.' The electrician and plumber have been busy putting in wiring and pipes. Jeff has been working on the retention basin. Zeke has begun digging a ditch for the electrical wires. In the next week we hope to have the electrical and plumbing rough-ins complete and hopefully the septic will have begun. We also hope to soon have a front porch. We are happy to be done school! The kids are happy (and so are we) that summer vacation is finally here. It's nice to finally be able to concentrate on the house. The kitchen cabinets are set to arrive any day now.


  1. House is really looking good. Love the name of the color -- with all the woods, I am glad you didn't go for "Abby Pink". All this is very exciting!

  2. Looks great guys. What an incredible job! Will help with move when comes time. be sure to let me know!