Monday, May 24, 2010

Box Beams, Decking and Retention Basin

What a week! The main part of the house has floor joices and first floor decking. The box beams for the second floor were finished up this weekend. The second floor decking was just started today. The kitchen portion of the house does not yet have beams or decking. A lot was done this week, and will be done in the next few weeks, due to the hard work of our contractor, Jeff and his coworker Mike working throughout the week. Zeke is at the house almost every night after work and the whole family is working on the weekends. The kids are so excited, as are we, to see the accomplishments made each day. Abby continues to ask when the kitchen is coming and is constantly stating her arguement as to why she believes red to be the best color for our roof, which will be green. The second to last picture shows the retention basin in the foreground. The last picture shows Zeke and Paul looking at a snake which I almost stepped on in front of the house. We are all now anxiously awaiting the end of the school year, which can't come fast enough!

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