Monday, May 31, 2010

Sheathing, Toads and 4-Wheelers

A lot was accomplished again this week and things continue to go as smoothly as possible. The second floor rafters were finished last Friday by Zeke, Jeff and Mike. Over the long weekend we were able to get a good amount of sheathing done. It's starting to look like a house! We had numerous visitors this weekend, from new neighbors to family to friends. All who visited had their own ideas about how to finish the inside. Its funny to hear all the different ideas and we welcome the insight. Paul caught a toad and cried when we released him. I felt so bad that I promised him a dog when we moved into the house. Zeke's father Scott helped us out a great deal on Saturday with the sheathing and then proceded to ride around on Sam's 4 wheeler... at about 5 miles per hour. I can't wait for the rest of the sheathing and windows and doors to be put in place so I can stop worrying about the kids falling out of the house. Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Great progress, guys! I am really impressed. And Yes! it is the hottest summer in years. It is not your imagination. I voted for Green, but think it should be as close to the roof as possible. Enjoy Cape May. In before the start of school? You guys are really amazing! Give the kids a hug for me and stay cool ..:) My best to you always, Brad