Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Front Porch, Septic and Abby's Room

The septic system is in... and just in time for the rain. It was really perfect timing as far as the weather was concerned. We needed the dry streak in order to have the septic tank and sand mound put in. The day after they finished it rained. Zeke, Jeff and Scott have almost completely finished the front porch. They need to put the siding up across the front of the house before they can finish. The steps and landing also still need to be completed. A few more windows have gone in and as you can see in the pictures, more siding has gone up along the front of the house. Abby is excited to have her wall up seperating her room upstairs. Her closet is also complete, she is only missing doors. This week we hope to have the electrical wires run from the house to the road. Sometime next week we should have electricity! It will be nice to not hear the annoying generator running all day. Scroll to the bottom of our blog to vote on the color of our front door.

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