Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steps, Siding and a Roof!

I am posting later in the week because next week I will not be posting at all. The kids and I will be heading to Cape May. Zeke will head down later in the week. This was a big week. The siding is very close to being done and the roof is now complete. The basement steps are now in, as well as all of the windows and 2 of our exterior doors. We think we may be in before school starts, which would be great. This heat this summer has been crazy! Is it me, or is the summer we picked to build the house the hottest one ever?

The room with all the windows is the kitchen/dining room. There is also a picture taken from inside of the kitchen looking into the living room. The picture of Abby shows the basement steps. The video is of Abby and Paul at home. I could not 'turn' the video to be viewed correctly, but I thought it was so cute I had to post it. Be sure to vote on the color of our front door at the bottom of this blog.

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